Sunday, January 20, 2013

Z Man's Fundraiser

The Team Mom did a very good with this placemat, making sure that she had each and every player on it :)
I love our children's sports: it's fun to watch, they usually have good coaches, the other parents are fun to cheer with, and our Beloved's love us there. The only thing that bothers me about going to their games is they don't have any other family cheering them on but us. It was really hard for me when we were in TN, one of my son's baseball teammate had not only one set of grandparents, but two set of grandparents that came to most of his games. Although that was unique situation, the average player would have an aunt, cousin, grandparent come to at least one game. So Yes, we moved away from California, but we didn't have that support even when we were there (hence why we moved). Both Humble Dad and I do not have any siblings our age, we both grew up as only children. His sister and my brother are both 14 years old- two years older than Big A.

The same feeling came over me when I would send them to public school during a "breakfast with Grandma" event or something like that. So when this fundraiser came up and we had to sale a certain amount of tickets, I got depressed. The fundraiser was a breakfast at Applebee's Restaurant, where the player (Z Man) would have the opportunity to serve his guest. Not only were we responsible to sale tickets, but the player with the most TIPS would win a prize. We have only been in Maryland a year and we didn't have any buyers, so we decided to buy the tickets ourselves and give them to whoever would come. I was really sad that Z Man would not have anyone else to serve.
Homeschooled children don't normally have to wake up this early, he looks tired as he
hold his tip jar.

My friend agreed to bring her family, but she surprised us by bringing her mother also. Z Man was so happy her boys were there, he was looking a little worried before they arrived. And my friend played the part of a customer very well saying things like "I need my server" with a demanding voice. It was hilarious and added to the fun of the morning. It also taught him some really great skills in time management, customer service, and hard work.

Customers could have all you can eat pancakes and sausages (not halal) as well as drinks that included orange juice, fruit punch, coffee, and soda. Big A and I helped Z Man serve the drinks and food, if he needed it. The team was responsible for doing everything, including cleaning dishes. Many older siblings were there helping to bus tables and usher guest to their player's tables.

Another friend was supposed to come but it was flu season and her family was down with it. However, her sister came in her place. Her daughter is a good friend of Big A and they had just spent the whole day before together, so Big A was super excited to see them show up.

Not only that, when all the tips had been counted: Z Man had the most TIPS at about $180. Some friends had offered to give money although they couldn't come and my mom sent a check towards the fundraiser that all helped Z Man win.

We are so grateful to the two families that came and gave big tips. We love you! Thank you!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Basketball has begun

Basketball is a new sport for my children. We are definitely a baseball family. Although, new they seem to be learning quickly.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

HCYP Softball- Fall 2012

Big A had a wonderful Fall Season with HCYP Softball league. It was organized, good volunteer coaches, good referees, and a nice team of girls. Although, she did not pitch for the bulk of this season. She was able to pitch in the last game of the season for one inning and struck someone out. However, the truly remarkable thing is she scored the winning run, by sliding into home. 

We really appreciate the coaches, one of them would drive about 40 minutes for practices and games. We've done football and baseball in the Fall and its hard to come to practices when the weather becomes wintry. But we came, and Big A loved every minute!

In the beginning when the team found out that their color was going to be pink, there were some complaints by the girls. I personally love the color pink and I am not a girly girl. I really do not like the label, so when Big A came home from school one day in the First Grade and the girls were trying to say she was a tom boy because she didn't "act" girly. I told her to tell those girls, "I am not a girly girl or a tom boy, I am just a girl." And Big A is just a girl who loves to play softball and is learning to sew and crochet, a balanced girl who doodles and loves science. .  . . and who loves blue and pink.

My Lil A made pink cool and named the team, the pink flamingos after her sunglasess. She was the proclaimed team mascot!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Softball Snack Bags

Following the tradition of making elaborate snack bags, I wanted to make one for Big A's team before she was too old. Although, not quite that elaborate, I did want to fill it with some fun items and some of Big A's favorite snacks which included Kettle Corn.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Travel Baseball

What do you do with a child who loves to play baseball? Do you cough up the big bucks for travel baseball, do you limit an 8 year old boy to a one sport commitment? Z Man did one year of pee wee football and said he just wanted to play baseball. Baseball is his sport. The thing is, I think football gave him a better throwing arm, and I know it trained him as a runner more than baseball ever does. He also had some great African American male coaches, that not only gave him football training, but man training. And let's face it, football is just a much funner sport for the parents to watch. Humble Dad was really disappointed that Z Man did not want to play football in the Fall and that he rather play baseball for two seasons- both Fall and Spring.

These past two years we allowed Z Man to do just baseball, because he loves it so much, next year may be a different story. We will take it one year at a time. We will also see if the big bucks of travel baseball is worth it, will he get the training and experience he needs to take his pure talent to the next level of  pure skill and perfection.

Lou Holtz an American Football coach said,"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." We've seen his ability and his motivation is apparent. However, I am always concerned with Z Man's attitude. Little League baseball can be a very monochrome sport so when a child on his own team tries to hurt Z Man, it makes you concern if it is racially motivated and how his attitude will be impacted by it. In Tennessee, Z Man started to get really down on himself not for being Black, but for being Muslim. No one could pronounce his name properly and the coaches and parents definitely had a problem and we had to talk to the coach a couple of times about it. Regulating the right attitude in this type of environment is complex, you don't want to make them cocky, you don't want them to hate their color or religion, you don't want them to be constantly angry and for them to start to use the bat as a tool to release that anger. We want to develop a humble baseball player who recognizes his talent comes from God and who works hard at his skill, while continually to be motivated by his love of  Baseball. This attitude is a work in progress, and may Z Man grow up in this right attitude. Ameen.